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Date: 10th May 2016
Children High Creatinine Level Symptoms
If you want to know children high creatinine level symptoms without dialysis options,Website:http://www.yumei-kidney.com, or you want to consult children high creatinine level symptoms price and pricelist, Jingdong Yumei Kidney Disease Hospital is always at your service.The Symptoms of Children High Creatinine LevelCreatinine, also known as serum creatinine, is the waste product of muscle metabolism. In the normal condition, it will be excreted into the urine by the kidney. Once the kidney is failed, the creatinine will accumulate in the blood and lead to people discomfort. So what is the symptoms of children high creatinine level?1. Discomforts in the gastrointestinal tract, bleeding, nausea, vomiting2. Hematuria (blood in urine) and Proteinuria (bubble in urine)3. Fatigue and difficulty in concentration.4. Urinary abnormalities such as night urination, diuresis, pale color of urine, urinary frequency, urinary urgency and urinary pains.5. Edema which usually starts from the eyelid and in serious conditions; it can affect the whole body or even cause ascites and fluid in chest.6. High blood pressure which should be brought under control or it will speed up renal deterioration and cause further increase of creatinine.7. others
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