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Date: 10th May 2016
Adult Urine Protein Causes
If you want to know adult urine protein causes without dialysis options,Website:http://www.yumei-kidney.com, or you want to consult adult urine protein causes price and pricelist, Jingdong Yumei Kidney Disease Hospital is always at your service.The Causes of Adult Urine ProteinUrine protein, also called proteinuria, means excessive protein leaking into the urine. In the normal condition, only a few of protein will leak into the urine because of the glomerular filtration. Once people have kidney problem, the protein will leak into the urine, leading ?to urine protein. The common causes of urine protein for adult include:1. Diseases of the glomeruli (the kidney?s filtering units), for example glomerulonephritis or diabetes2. Urine infection can cause proteinuria, but usually there are other signs of this ? see cystitis/urinary tract infections3. Proteinuria can also be a symptom of some other conditions and diseases: for example: congestive heart failure, a first warning of eclampsia in pregnancy
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