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Date: 10th May 2016
Adult Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment
If you want to know adult nephrotic syndrome treatment without dialysis options,Website:http://www.yumei-kidney.com, or you want to consult adult nephrotic syndrome treatment price and pricelist, Jingdong Yumei Kidney Disease Hospital is always at your service.Adult Nephrotic Syndrome TreatmentFor the treatment of Adult Nephrotic Syndrome, in Western countries, they often use steroid drugs or cytotoxic drugs.They drugs are often used to restrain immune and reduce kidney?s inflammation, and then reduce protein loss. But these medicines have many side-effects. If the dosage reduced or stopped, Nephrotic Syndrome will be relapsing easily. However, how to treat Adult Nephrotic Syndrome with Chinese Medicine?.In Traditional Chinese medicine treatment , it can1). Dispel the real pathogenesis and regulate the organic immunity, through regulating body?s Yin and Yang balance and viscera function to make immune function return to balance, which can reduce immune complexes production.2). eliminate the immune complexes in the kidneys. It can adopt the method of activating blood circulation to remove blood stasis and detoxification and toxic elimination to discharge the immune complexes deposition in the kidneys and reduce the inflammatory stimulation to the kidneys.3) Repair the damaged intrinsic renal cells. It can be through the treatment of strengthening spleen and nourishing kidneys and lung to repair the damaged glomeruli, and then achieve the target of completely treating kidney disease.4) Use Chinese herbal medicine to relieve the side-effects caused by hormone treatment and avoid the relapse of the disease .Treatment of Traditional Chinese medicine treatment and western medicine treatment is disease and syndrome differentiation. It is not only a simple combination of Chinese medicine and western medicine, but a whole set of treatment system. Some patients may have been using Chinese medicine treatment, but the effect is not obvious. This is because Chinese medicine has a slow effect and it has not combined with western medicine organically.?
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