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Date: 10th May 2016
Adult High Creatinine Level Treatment
If you want to know adult high creatinine level treatment without dialysis options,Website:http://www.yumei-kidney.com, or you want to consult adult high creatinine level treatment price and pricelist, Jingdong Yumei Kidney Disease Hospital is always at your service.Adult High Creatinine Level TreatmentFor the treatment of high creatinine level for adult, the best treatment is Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment, because Traditional Chinese Medicine can treat the high creatinine level from the root causes. Here, we recommend a special Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment--Colon Dialysis Therapy.Colon Dialysis Therapy is a perfect combination of the characteristic traditional Chinese medicine therapy and modern electronic technique. It is using the modern electronic technique and the microcomputer control together with the specially designed dialysis probe injects the medicine into the enteric cavity to make the solute, ion, and medicine in the enteric cavity lipid to be fully exchanged and adsorbed, efficiently to discharge the toxin and internal metabolic waste out of the body to eliminate toxic substance damage to kidneys and related organs. This therapy can also make patients? Blood Urea Nitrogen decreased and Serum Creatinine steady or decreased can also correct the acid-base and electrolyte disorder, relieve the symptoms of the Uremia patient. Furthermore, it also created a stable internal environment for kidney function recovery. Meanwhile, through the feedback of blood regulating to nerve centre, it lessens the angiotension releasing, makes the renal blood flow changing and the filtration rate and the urine volume increasing. In addition, this therapy still has the advantages of easy operation, low cost, little side-effect and no trauma, with more practical value.
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